Year 7 Transition

Primary School to High School Transition

Entry into high school follows the Department for Education transition process. Click here.

Early in Term 2 (of the child’s last year in primary school) families should receive a unique URL (or web address) by email or letter from their public primary school. This is for the online registration of interest to nominate the public secondary school you want your child to attend.

Students at non-government schools who want to apply for a public high school can get an application information from their local public high school, local education office, or by emailing

We offer limited places for out of zone students via our Special Interest Program Pathways, Special Interest Dance and High Performance Tennis.

Once all primary school students have been allocated to their high school by the Department for Education, they will receive a high school enrolment package via email in Term 3 of their last year of primary school. Seaview High School offers a comprehensive transition program for primary school students joining us for high school. This includes identifying and developing any extra support systems the students may need. The transition program is provided to support students to familiarise themselves with the school, to make new friends and to meet current student leaders and staff. It is also how the school ensures all students have a smooth transition to high school.

The program provides opportunities for students to discover some of the many exciting things that Seaview High School offers, through engaging in a range of interactive activities and lessons.

For more information on the department’s enrolment policy or to find the school zoned to your address, visit