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Staff, parents and students work together to provide a safe, caring and supportive learning environment where all students have the right to achieve their best and teachers have the right to teach; the school nurtures and guides students to respect learning, to have compassion for others and to work to achieve their best.

Seaview High School’s Behaviour Support procedures are consistent with the Department for Education’s Discipline Policy. Our procedures, actions and interactions are guided by our values: Respect, Empathy, Resilience and Integrity.

A student code of conduct places significant emphasis on the development and recognition of positive behaviours. Classroom agreements are developed between teachers and students, which include explicit behavioural expectations and negotiated consequences. Restorative Processes are a key strategy used to guide and develop positive behaviour. Harassment Grievance procedures are linked to the Behaviour Support Processes.

A Wellbeing for Learning & Life (WFLL) team; comprising of the Assistant Principal – Wellbeing, Student Counsellors, Youth Worker and Year Level Managers works collaboratively to provide support to staff in their work with students.

An Aboriginal Education Teacher and Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Worker provide further support. The WFLL team liaises with staff, families and outside agencies.

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CounsellorsHow to Make an Appointment

Seaview High School has a comprehensive support team made up of the following people:

  • Susi Beinke – Wellbeing Leader
  • Richard Harrington – Wellbeing Leader
  • Mark Koen – Youth Worker
  • Jess Miller – Youth Worker
  • Chanel Brown – Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer (ASETO)

Appointments can be made by attending the Front Office and requesting a meeting time.
For the Wellbeing Leaders, an appointment will be made and an appointment slip will be given to you, to give to the teacher when you need to leave the class.

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