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Wellbeing Support Team

CounsellorsHow to Make an Appointment

Seaview High School has a comprehensive support team made up of the following people:

  • Carol Davey – Assistant Principal Wellbeing
  • Cali Galouzis – Wellbeing Leader
  • Ben Sanderson – Wellbeing Leader
  • Mark Koen – Youth Worker
  • Bethany Seyfang – Youth Worker
  • Dillan Olliver – Youth Worker
  • TBA – Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer (ASETO)

Appointments can be made by attending Student Services and requesting a meeting time.
For the Wellbeing Leaders and Youth Workers, an appointment will be made and an appointment slip will be given to you, to give to the teacher when you need to leave the class.

School Psychologist – How to Make an Appointment

Seaview High School Psychologist is Carla Humphrys. Carla has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has worked in various roles as a Psychologist since 2012.

Carla’s working hours are:
Odd weeks
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 8am – 4pm
Tuesday and
Thursday – 8am – 2:30pm
Even weeks
Monday to Friday – 8am – 4pm

You can make an appointment with Carla through the Assistant Principal: Wellbeing; Carol Davey or the Wellbeing Leaders; Cali Galouzis and Ben Sanderson. If you feel you can’t speak to your parents first about seeing Carla you can discuss whether or not you are able to make an appointment without parent consent.
See below Carla’s resources.

Starting the new school year_tips from Carla

Mental Health Practitioner – Mr Mac Perri

We are excited to welcome School Mental Health Practitioner Mr Mac Perri to the Seaview community.

Mac has a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and has experience working with young people and their families, providing treatment for mental health concerns. Mac will meet with students 1:1 delivering therapeutic intervention for mental health concerns (as well as having scope for group work).

Mac’s days at Seaview are Monday, Wednesday and alternative Fridays (even weeks) from 8.30am. You can make an appointment with Mac through contacting the Assistant Principal: Wellbeing; Carol Davey or Wellbeing Leaders Marni Trevena and Ben Sanderson.





At Seaview High School, students have the opportunity to volunteer to be involved with the student representative council (SRC). The SRC conduct weekly lunchtime meetings to plan for school events and address rising concerns raised from students, staff or the wider community.

The representatives involved in SRC gain skills aligned to leadership, advocacy and teamwork and are able to represent the wider Seaview Community.

Your 2024 SRC are:

2024 School Captains: Antony A and Lachlan V

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