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How to Enrol


Seaview High School is a co-educational, zoned state secondary school, focused on developing a community of learners that is inclusive of all students. Seaview staff prioritise developing a deep knowledge and understanding of our pupils and we offer a range of flexible academic programs, providing extension, acceleration and support.

Due to our continued growth we are no longer able to accept general enrolments from outside our school zone. Families living outside our school zone, seeking enrolment at Seaview High School in current high school year levels, will be directed to their zoned school or encouraged to remain at their current school. Eligible siblings of current students wanting to enrol, will be processed as a normal enrolment enquiry, and will be advised that any acceptance will be at the beginning of the next available year.

We will be offering information sessions throughout the year and these will be promoted via our website and Facebook page. Once the bookings open, if you require assistance in making a booking via SOBS please use these instructions.

We also have a comprehensive Virtual 360 Tour to highlight our learning areas.

If you have moved to our school zone and are looking to enrol, please contact the school and provide us with your proof of address by way of the following:
– recent gas or electricity bill in enrolling parent/s’ name and showing the supply address AND
– rental agreement covering at least 12 months or a contract of sale

Find your closest zoned and unzoned schools by using the Department for Education website.

Please contact Sadie Gomer, Executive Assistant, via email for all enrolment enquiries.

Primary School to High School Transition

Entry into high school follows the Department for Education transition process.

In 2021, both Year 6 and Year 7 students will be applying for and enrolling in secondary schools to start in 2022.

Early in Term 2 (of the child’s last year in primary school) families should receive a unique URL (or web address) by email or letter from their public primary school. This is for the online registration of interest to nominate the public secondary school you want your child to attend.

Students at non-government schools who want to apply for a public high school can get application information from their local public high school, local education office, or by emailing

See the starting preschool or school webpage for more information.

Once all primary school students have been allocated to their high school by the Department for Education, they will receive a high school enrolment package via email in Term 3 of their last year of primary school. Seaview High School offers a comprehensive transition program for primary school students joining us for high school. This includes identifying and developing any extra support systems the students may need. The transition program is provided to support students to familiarise themselves with the school, to make new friends and to meet current student leaders and staff. It is also how the school ensures all students have a smooth transition to high school.

The Transition Days for 2021 into 2022 are as follows:
Tues 30 Nov & Wed 1 Dec: Year 6 into 7
Thurs 2 & Fri 3 Dec: Year 7 into 8

The program provides opportunities for students to discover some of the many exciting things that Seaview High School offers, through engaging in a range of interactive activities and lessons.

In line with the Department for Education enrolment policy, the only out of zone students considered for enrolment at Seaview High School in 2022 will be children who have auditioned or trialled, and are offered a place in our Special Interest Dance or High Performance Tennis programs or siblings of current students (see the department’s website above for clarification re students who gained entry via special interest programs and their sibling’s rights).

For more information on the department’s enrolment policy or to find the school zoned to your address, visit

Year 7 to HS

Year 7 is moving to high school

The Department for Education is committed to integrating Year 7s into high school by 2022 and Seaview is aligned to this commitment.


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Year 7 public school students will be taught in high school from Term 1, 2022.

This means that from 2022, Year 6 will be the last year of primary school and Year 7 will be the first year of high school.

Year 7 is already part of high school across the country, so this move will bring South Australia in line with other states and territories, as well as other education systems in our state.

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Digital Learning

Seaview is an innovative, personalised and safe school that delivers relevant curriculum and promotes rigour, relationships and lifelong learning.


The Digital Learning program for all students enables change in teaching practices to engage students with the curriculum. The program provides a vehicle for a personalised approach to learning, and supports a constructivist approach to creating curriculum.

In keeping with the National Educational Goals for Young Australians, we aim to promote and to lead world’s best practice for curriculum delivery and assessment and improve the educational outcomes for all students.

Student Devices

Current research suggests that the interactivity of tablets is ideally suited to Middle School students. Consequently, the Digital Learning Program includes the use of iPads in Middle School (Years 7 to 9), and a selection of preferred laptops for students in Senior School (Years 10 to 12). The program is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, which means the iPad and laptop are purchased by the parent/caregiver and belongs to the students from the outset. Seaview has identified a range of recommended devices that will best support quality teaching and learning, and has established purchasing portals with highly competitive prices.

BYOD iPad Information

The minimum requirements of the iPads are as follows:

  • Must be the student’s own iPad (not a family shared device)
  • Currently able to run iOS 12 or later
    (iOS 13 from 2022)
  • Wi-fi only is suitable and recommended
  • The iPad Mini is NOT suitable
  • Please be aware that a 32GB iPad restricts students’ storage capacity and requires detailed storage management

To check which iPad you have, therefore its capacity to run iOS 12 (iOS 13 from 2022), please go to the following site and enter the Serial Number.

BYOD Laptop Information

Online Purchasing Portals:

iPads & MacBooks:
HP Laptops:
School Code: SeaviewHS


Mobile Phone Use and Information

Recent changes have been made to the use of mobile phones by students in their classrooms.

Please see links to the relevant documents below.
Seaview High School encourages the safe use of internet and has arranged for parents and students to access online awareness training at this site. Please use the password seavwhs


ICT Forms

Please download ICT Forms below:

Social Media Safety


Seaview High School’s canteen is run by Rory’s Lunches and has a comprehensive online menu and ordering option. There are a number of items available for walk-ins but it is always advisable to pre-order to ensure you receive what your child would like.

Click here for details on how to set up QKR.


Please note that the prices on the menu are for pre-ordered lunches only. Lunches can be ordered via the QkR app or by going into the canteen first thing in the morning. Prices in the canteen for walk-up purchases may be more expensive.

Governing Council

The Seaview High School Governing Council is made up of a selection of parent representatives who are voted in at the AGM in March each year, along with staff and community representatives.

2021 Governing Council Office Bearers

Chair: Michael Van Dyk
Deputy Chair: Lorraine Johnston
Treasurer: Katherine Seifert
Secretary: Katherine Matthews




The School Governing Council has endorsed the Seaview High School Uniform. All students are expected to wear full school uniform at all times, including on their way to and from school.

Our uniform is supplied by Devon Clothing who have a shop in Edwardstown. Attendance is by appointment only during their peak trading from November through to February.

There is also an online  Uniform Shop for families.

Please see instructions on how to make a booking or order.



Materials and Services Charges approved by the School Governing Council for 2021 is $550.

In November 2020 a poll was undertaken in accordance with Education Act 1972, and the Materials and Services charges Administrative Instructions and Guidelines, regarding the legal collection of the ‘Prescribed Sum’ within the Materials and Services Charge for 2021. The results of the poll were in favour of legal collection with an overall approval of 80%. The Principal has reviewed the results on behalf of the Chief Executive, Department for Education, and approved the ‘Prescribed Sum’.

Our preferred method of payment is via the QkR app. See enclosed information about how to download and use QkR. Alternatively, you can pay online via Bpoint (you will need your credit or debit card, family ID code and invoice number), cash, credit card or cheque. If you wish to pay by instalments, please arrange to complete a direct debit form and return to the school as soon as possible.

Please click the following links for information regarding our fees and charges:

Changes to school card eligibility

The state government is raising the school card income threshold from next year to help families with the cost of living. Application forms for 2021 are now available from the school or

Online Payments

BPoint Payment Gateway

Families will need their Family ID code (found on the invoice) as well as their invoice number that they are paying.


Seaview High School utilises Qkr! (pronounced “quicker”) for online payments including canteen orders.

Qkr! is a free, secure mobile application for fast and easy payment of school accounts. There is no need to load funds in advance. The application is owned and operated by Mastercard, ensuring safety and privacy of information and alleviates the need to send cash to school with your child. For more information on how Qkr! works click here.

For a video preview showing how QkR! works click here.

Diary Dates


Some dates/times still to be added/confirmed)
Term 1

18 – 20 Jan: Uniform Shop open
25 Jan: Pupil Free Day
27 Jan: Year 8 & 12 – first day of Term 1
28 Jan: Remainder of students commence Term 1
1 Feb: Year 12 Activities day
10 Feb: Governing Council 6:30pm
8 Mar: Adelaide Cup Public Holiday
9 Mar: Pupil Free Day
17 Mar: Governing Council AGM 6:30pm
19 Mar: Out of Zone Special Interest Dance applications close
29 Mar: Out of Zone Special Interest Dance auditions
1 Apr: Sports Day
2 Apr: Good Friday
5 Apr: Easter Monday
9 Apr: Out of Zone High Performance Tennis program applications close
9 Apr: Last day of Term 1 – early dismissal @ 2:20pm
Please note: Year 8 & 10 immunisations will be held this term. Parents will receive separate notification.

Term 2

26 Apr: ANZAC Day Public Holiday
27 Apr: First day of Term 2
27 Apr: Parent/Teacher interviews
28 Apr: Parent/Teacher interviews
10 May: Out of Zone High Performance Tennis applications close
12 May: Governing Council meeting
13 May: Out of Zone High Performance Tennis trials
14 May: Out of Zone Special Interest Dance applications close
17 May: Out of Zone Special Interest Dance auditions
1 & 2 June: Year 12 Drama production
9 June: Governing Council meeting
9 June: Senior Dance examination night
22 June: Year 10 Drama production
25 June: Pupil Free Day
2 July: Last day of Term 2 – early dismissal @ 2:20pm

Term 3

19 July: First day of Term 3
22 July: Year 10 SAPOL sessions
11 Aug: Governing Council meeting
16-20 Aug: SSO Week
27 Aug: Year 6 & 7 student enrolments due
3 Sept: Pupil Free Day
6 Sept: School Closure Day
8 Sept: Governing Council meeting
9 Sept: Artsaganza
10 Sept: In zone Year 6 & 7 special interest applications close
15 Sept: Special Interest Sports/HP Tennis trials (in zone Year 6 & 7)
16 Sept: Special Interest Dance auditions (in zone Year 6 & 7)
24 Sept: Year 12 Formal
24 Sept: Last day of Term 3 – early dismissal @ 2:20pm

PLEASE NOTE: The school will be closed from Monday 27 Sept to Friday 1 Oct due to building demolition.

Term 4

11 Oct: First day of Term 4
22 Oct: Final day of lessons for Year 12
1 – 15 Nov: Year 12 SACE Exams
10 Nov: Governing Council meeting
12 Nov: Pupil Free Day
15 Nov: Year 12 Graduation
25 Nov: Last day of lessons for Year 11
26 Nov: Year 11 to 12 Transition & final day for Year 11
26 Nov: Final day of lessons for Year 10
30 Nov & 1 Dec: Year 6 into 7 Transition Days
2 & 3 Dec: Year 7 into 8 Transition Days
8 Dec: Governing Council meeting
8 Dec: Final day of term for Year 8 & 9

Please Note: Year 8 & 10 immunisations will be held this term. Parents will receive separate notification.