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Special Interest - Vision Impairment Program

The Vision Support Program at Seaview High School provides students with vision impairment access to all educational opportunities. Students are fully integrated and participate in all areas of the school curriculum as well as many co-curricula activities.

Specialist staff from the South Australian School for Vision Impaired (SASVI) are placed at Seaview High School as both teachers and support officers. Support teachers are qualified and experienced in the education of students with vision impairments.

Support staff assist the students to access the school curriculum, while teaching them a range of specialised skills aimed to support them in life beyond school. SASVI staff work collaboratively with the classroom teacher, providing advice and assistance to ensure that materials and teaching practices are modified to accommodate each student’s vision needs.
Staff are skilled in the use of Braille and other alternative print formats and the teaching of the Expanded Core Curriculum (see below) for vision impairment and can advise on the educational implications of specific vision impairments.

Expanded Core Curriculum
As part of their program at Seaview High, students with a vision impairment study an expanded core curriculum, which encompasses the specific skills and knowledge that a person with a vision impairment will need to be as independent as possible in school and post school life.

The curriculum varies throughout the year depending on availability of outside agency support and includes:

  • ICT training
  • Braille and Tactile Skills
  • Independent Living and Study Skills
  • Recreation, fitness and Leisure
  • Social Skills/Self-Advocacy
  • The Use of Adaptive Technology
  • The Use of Low Vision Devices
  • Transition to Post School Options

Orientation and Mobility
Students have specialised teaching in this area from visiting orientation and mobility teachers who work with the program at Seaview High School. The program includes: 

  • Independence in the school environment
  • residential travel
  • route and travel planning and execution
  • public transport
  • GPS devices
  • transition to post-school

Specialised Resources
To participate in the curriculum, students receive training in the use of a range of special materials and equipment such as: 

  • Large print and audio materials          
  • Specialised Braille technologies
  • Low vision devices                             
  • Talking and large display calculators and dictionaries
  • Special lighting equipment                 
  • Mobility devices (e.g. long canes)
  • Adaptive and ICT equipment

Speech, recording, magnification and Braille

Braille requirements are provided by the Support Program through the resources of the SA School for Vision Impaired, the statewide service for Braille.

Braille teaching and learning is part of the program offered at Seaview High School for some students.

Alternative Braille/tactile, large print and audio materials are produced for individual student needs in a teacher/office area and on-site Braille transcription of daily teacher and school handouts is provided.

For further information regarding SASVI please download the SASVI Brochure.