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Special Interest - Special Interest Sports/High Performance Tennis Program

The Special Interest Sports Program aims to prepare Seaview High School students for tertiary pathways and, ultimately, careers in the broad areas of physical activity and human performance. In addition to this, the SIS Program offers a curriculum that provides SIS students with the opportunity to excel in their chosen sporting field through community involvement, qualified coaches and specialised teaching.

The SIS Program aligns with interschool, knockout, club and state level competitions to provide further opportunities for SIS students.

A High Performance Tennis Class is offered in addition to the Special Interest Sports Program.


The Seaview High School High Performance Tennis program is available for Year 8-12 students.

The High Performance Tennis Program runs parallel to the Special Interest Sports Program from Years 8-10 and then culminates in Years 11-12 into Scientific Studies. High Performance Tennis students have access to professional coaching as well as developing skills to further their progress to become a professional athlete.

Topics covered in the High Performance Tennis Program in
clude: Statistical analysis, biomechanics, sports nutrition and exercise physiology.

For further information please contact the Health and Physical Education Coordinator at Seaview High School on: 8377 8000 or

The Special Interest Sports Program has been designed to provide opportunities for Seaview High School students to reach their athletic potential as well as achieving a career in the broad area of Human Performance.

The Special Interest Sports Program was established in 2017 and will be offered from Years 8-12 by 2021.

The Special Interest Sports Program exposes students to the wide variety of careers and opportunities in the professional sporting industry, giving each participant opportunities to not only excel on the sporting field but broaden their career options post-school.

Seaview High School is working in partnership with State Sports Associations, elite coaches and tertiary education institutions to provide a curriculum that is relevant, innovative and provides students with a transition into the Human Performance industry.

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in State and National level sporting competitions
  • Visit elite sporting facilities
  • Learn from professional athletes
  • Collaborate with professionals in the Human Performance field
  • Link with local sporting clubs to pursue their chosen sport in the community
  • Be exposed to a wide variety of sports in conjunction with specific community organisations, leading to specific pathway programs.


From 2019, the Special Interest Sports Program is offered as a subject in Years 8, 9 and 10 and will continue to be offered in Years 11 and 12 under the 'Scientific Studies' curriculum. The Special Interest Sports Program links with tertiary institutions as well as a range of professionals under the physical activity banner to provide a curriculum that directly relates to careers in the physical activity industry. Students will bond practical lessons with 6 overarching theoretical 'strands; that will lead directly to tertiary options.

These strands are:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Science
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Administration
  • Health Promotions

These strands have been developed in conjunction with tertiary institutions to both lead into specific degrees and meet career trends in the industry. The Special Interest Sports Program focuses on 6 'Sporting Strands'.

These strands are:

  • Touch Football
  • AFL
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Netball

Special Interest Sports students in Year 8 will have the opportunity to experience all of these strands before selecting their sporting topics from Year 9 onwards. Students who have a keen interest in sport, human movement and are contemplating a career in the industry will be challenged and motivated by the variety and opportunities offered in the Special Interest Sports Program at Seaview High School.

How to apply for the Special Interest Sports Program?

Current Seaview HS students who are interested in the 2020 Special Interest Sports Program (Years 9, 10 and 11) will firstly need to complete the Special Interest Application form and return it to the Seaview High School Front Office.

As a part of this initial process, each applicant will be required to provide a written 'confidential' reference from their club coach or PE teacher to support their application as well as providing their latest school report. The referee statement can be downloaded here

Application forms for 'out of zone' future Year 8 students for 2020 close on 26 April 2019.
For 'in zone' future students, the applications forms are due in by 20 September and the try outs will be held during the Transition days in November.
All prospective students will need to attend the Special Interest Sports try outs, which will involve a series of fitness tests, a practical component and a 10-minute interview.

Please contact Leigh Charlesworth (HPE and Special Interest Sports Program Coordinator) at or phone the Seaview High School Front Office on 8377 8000.

Information regarding the compulsory Special Interest Sports Program uniform can be downloaded here.
The Special Interest Sports/High Performance Tennis Program brochure and application form can be downloaded here.