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Educational Program - SACE

The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is a qualification awarded to students who complete their senior secondary education (Years 11 and 12). The SACE is designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed – whether they choose to pursue further education, training or an apprenticeship. 

The certificate is based on two stages of achievement: Stage 1 (normally undertaken in Year 11) and Stage 2 (normally undertaken in Year 12). Students are able to study a wide range of subjects and courses as part of the SACE. Each subject or course completed successfully earns ‘credits’ towards the SACE, with a minimum of 200 credits required for students to gain the certificate. Each semester of work in any subject is the equivalent of 10 SACE credits. 

SACE Requirements:
  • Stage 1 Literacy (English or equivalent studies) 20 credits
  • Stage 1 Numeracy (Maths or equivalent studies) 10 credits
  • Personal Learning Plan (PLP) (undertaken at Year 10) 10 credits
  • Stage 2 Research Project 10 credits
  • Stage 2 subjects - 3 full year subjects 60 credits

Students must also gain an additional 90 credits through any combination of Stage 1 or 2 subjects or SACE Board recognised courses or VET courses. 

*TOTAL 200 Credits
For further information regarding SACE at Seaview HS please refer to our curriculum handbook for 2020

2020 SACE Exam Timetable