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International Program - Intensive Secondary English Course

The Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC) at Seaview High School is designed for students whose first language is not English and who are new to the Australian Education System.

ISEC provides a minimum of ten weeks of intensive grounding in the language and skills which are essential for understanding and participating in Australian schools and society.

The course is linked with the Australian National Curriculum and focuses on the language skills required for successful classroom participation, in small classes with other students who are learning English.

Students study in years 8-10 with dedicated EALD qualified teachers, Maths and Science specialist support and up to date technology. This support helps students to achieve confidence in their ability to read, write and orally communicate in English.

ISEC is concentrated on vocabulary required to understand the tasks and instructions in all school subject learning areas. Supported opportunities are provided for the writing and reading of English, for discussions, oral presentations, collaborative learning and independent study. In ISEC support classes, students learn to use the explicit English vocabulary needed for the study of Mathematics and Science. Tutorial assistance is also provided.

Seaview High School’s ISEC program provides the language and skills necessary for preparing students to become successful, contributing member of school, local community and Australian society.