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International Program - Testimonials


Cosette Hoe – Malaysian SACE Student


ATAR 99.20

University of Queensland – Medicine 


A transcript of Cosette's Graduation Speech


I know every single person in our graduate class of 2016 and every teacher who entered our school journey touched our hearts and shaped each and every one of our lives in many different ways. 


Teachers, thank you for your commitment and your generosity. Your belief in us makes us grow. You equipped us with skills to face challenges in all our future undertakings. Today is a day to celebrate another year of success, sending another batch of graduates off into the real world.

To friends, thanks to those who never fail to extend their helping hands when needed the most. Thanks to those who inspire, empower and give us motivation. Thanks to those who challenge us, enabling us to accomplish beyond expectations, striving for better academic achievements, setting ourselves higher and higher goals.

Thanks to Seaview for enriching our learning journey with a well-established academic program and insightful learning within the school.

Thank you also to all the office staff who have supported us and been there for us throughout the year.

I would also like to thank all our beloved parents on behalf of everybody here today. We would never be able to stand here today without their positive impact and inspiration in shaping our academic and life goals. Today is also for all our mums, dads and all those who stuck by us, always being our shining and guiding lights and source of encouragement.


Now we are seniors, standing here ready to graduate and move forward in the world. The future is not a distant reality anymore. It begins here, it begins today. We, the class of 2016 are a powerhouse of uniqueness and potential beyond imagination. Today is a little sneak peak of how rich and diverse our talents here are at Seaview High School. Without a doubt, I am sure everybody will succeed in everything they do as long as they try hard enough and persevere.

I hope everyone is proud of what they had achieved this year! Once again, congratulations graduates. I know that I am not alone when I say that I am going to miss all of you and cherish every single memory of Seaview High School. It has been an awesome year, an important milestone, and certainly a year to remember.



Dr Andy Rahardja & Ms Lilywaty Widjaja

Parents of Michelle Florensia - Indonesian SACE Student
ATAR 95.00

University of Melbourne - Commerce


It is with great pleasure we write this testimonial for Seaview High School. Initially we were worried about sending our daughter overseas, but it was the best move we made for her. We are really pleased we made the decision to send our daughter to Seaview. The school has innovative and caring teachers which is important to us. The teachers and support staff did their best to help her in every way they could to ensure she got the best education. They also kept us informed about her academic progress at every term. We would like to express our admiration and thanks to everyone at Seaview. They have helped our daughter in so many ways to become a better student.


Xingchen Liu – Chinese SACE Student
ATAR 95.75
Melbourne University - Actuarial Studies


My name is Lessi and I joined Seaview High in Year 11 and completed two years of study. My notable Year 12 results lead to me gaining a place at University of Melbourne in Actuarial Studies. Seaview High school offered me a variety of supports when I was in school and I am happy to share some of my perspectives based on my personal experience.


All the teachers offered me the greatest amount of academic support. Because of my limited English, they sometimes had to explain concepts to me three or more times, but they never refused my request. I felt like I was involved in a big family, I felt comfortable and saw smiles all the time. There were international tutors available after school. The tutors speak multiple languages so we are often able to get help in our first language. How amazing it is to feel supported when you are in an unfamiliar environment!  


Extracurricular activities were a very important component of my school life. Camp, skiing trip, exhibitions, music & dance all opened up my eyes, and motivated me to go to school every day with an excited mind. I also loved the way that I was involved in Student Representative Council (SRC) and Governing Council. Seaview High School cares about the international student voice.


Last but not least, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to everybody in the school. At Seaview High School, we have the best people ever including all the students and teachers. I went there as an international student, language has always been my biggest problem, however I was never lonely. During school time, all the students and school staff around me were very friendly. Sometimes they taught me English word by word. They were always there when I needed help.


Seaview High School is the perfect school for both studying and socialising and I enjoyed every moment of my time as an international student.


Theresea Richter and Natalie Friesenham – German Exchange Students


Hi! We are Theresa Richter and Natalie Friesenhahn, sixteen year old exchange students from Germany. We chose Seaview High School for our Australian schooling experience because of the diverse educational program they offer. We were attracted to this country and Seaview High School, because of the beautiful landscapes and wonderful people. We were not disappointed by the fantastic cities, beaches and animals.


Our first impression of Adelaide was unbelievable. It was hard to imagine we had arrived in South Australia to live with our host family far away from home and everything we knew. Upon meeting our host family, they immediately made us feel safe, comfortable and welcome. While we experienced a different lifestyle than at home, we banded together like sisters and felt like we were part of a family. Our homestays really cared for us throughout our stay and took us on lots of interesting adventures to places like Windy Point, Mount Lofty, the National Park, Monarto and the city. We also had our freedom and were able to enjoy some liberating independence.


It was important for us to have such a wide range of special interest subjects to choose from. Subjects like Food Studies, Tourism and Tennis were great to break up the standard subjects such as Maths, Science and English. We were pleasantly suprised that Seaview often offered exciting camps and trips to awesome places. We always felt the school supported us very well and everyone from the students to the staff were kind and understanding.


South Australia is a friendly and peaceful place. We experienced a multi-cultural and easy going lifestyle of Australia that we dreamed of and learned so much during our stay.


Thank you everybody at Seaview High School for this amazing experience in our life. 


Toshio Naramoto, Principal - Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Secondary School


I would like to say thank you for welcoming us into your wonderful school. It is clear that your school’s teachers and students worked so hard for us and arranged home-stay families so attentively that our students were able to have a fantastic experience. I was very happy to see them smiling with their buddies.


I also appreciate you providing many interesting classes and programs for our students, such as excursions and classes for understanding real Australian life. Those activities encouraged them to broaden their perspectives.


After coming back to Japan, every student says that Seaview High School was the best of the eight schools. This means they had many good memories, many good friends, and of course wonderful teachers. What they experienced at your school will be treasured for the rest of their lives.