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Important Information for Students Currently Not Attending School


If you are trying to continue your schooling from home during these difficult times, please be aware of the following:

  • Classes are running normally here at Seaview. That means teachers are still teaching, and putting lesson notes and assignments etc up on DAYMAP. Students who are studying from home need to be looking at their DAYMAP and doing the work that teachers set.
  • Teachers are still working the same as they were before. They do not have any extra time, so please do not expect them to reply straight away. It is not an SMS service....teachers do not see messages straight away and usually cannot reply straight away because they are teaching.
  • Students who are working at home must still meet the deadline as set by your teacher. Please make sure you are aware of the due date on assessment tasks, and communicate with your teacher if there is an issue.
  • This is the most important part....please be patient, kind and understanding towards your teachers! These are very stressful times for everyone (you, your family, your teachers!) The teachers are working very hard to support you, so please support them!

If you have any issues with accessing DAYMAP or your LearnLink account, please email 

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Daymap Parent Portal

For information on how to use the DAYMAP Parent Portal please click here

Seaview High School incorporates PlagScan into DAYMAP to verify student work. 

 The image shows our cooperation with the online plagiarism detection service PlagScan