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Family Information - Digital Learning

Digital Learners at Seaview High School
Seaview is an innovative, personalised and safe school that delivers relevant curriculum and promotes rigour, relationships and lifelong learning.

The Digital Learning program for all students enables change in teaching practices to engage students with the curriculum. The program provides a vehicle for a personalised approach to learning, and supports a constructivist approach to creating curriculum.

In keeping with the National Educational Goals for Young Australians, we aim to promote and to lead world's best practice for curriculum delivery and assessment and improve the educational outcomes for all students.

Student Devices:
Current research suggests that the interactivity of tablets is ideally suited to Middle School students. Consequently, the Digital Learning Program includes the use of iPads at Year 8 and 9, and a selection of preferred laptops for students in Years 10 to 12. The program is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, which means the iPad and laptop are purchased by the parent/caregiver and belongs to the students from the outset. Seaview has identified a range of recommended devices that will best support quality teaching and learning, and has established a purchasing portal with highly competitive prices.
BYOD iPad Information

Year 8 & 9 Student Device parent letter

The minimum requirements of the iPads are as follows:

  • Must be the student's own iPad (not a family shared device)
  • Must have a lightening charger (not a 30 pin charger)
  • Currently able to run iOS 12 or later
  • If older or secondhand must be an iPad Air (no older than 3 years), iPad 5th Gen or iPad 6th Gen
  • If new, then an iPad / iPad Air 10.5
  • Please be aware that a 32GB iPad restricts students' storage capacity and requires detailed storage management
To check which iPad you have, therefore its capacity to run iOS 12, please go to this site and enter the Serial Number.
BYOD Laptop Information

Online Purchasing Portal:
Mobile Phone Use and Information
Recent changes have been made to the use of mobile phones by students in their classrooms.
Please see links to the relevant documents below.
Seaview High School encourages the safe use of internet and has arranged for parents and students to access online awareness training at this site. Please use the password seavwhs
Please see below for ICT related forms: