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About Us - Governing Council

Our Governing Council is responsible for overseeing general school well being and advising the Principal on matters concerning the educational policy within the school. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month; twice each term. The Governing Council also has a firm commitment to fundraising and calls upon the Seaview High School community for help and support.

Our current Governing Council members are:

Suzanne Grote-Polden (Chair)
Rebecca Tuck (Vice-Chair)
Jenni Ashfield (Treasurer)
Jarrod Lamshed (Secretary)
David Speirs (Local Member)
Raelene Telfer (Local Councillor)
Penny Tranter (Principal)
Joel Fitzgerald (Staff Rep)
Kristen Threadgold (Staff Rep)
Christina Abbracciavento (Parent Rep)
Emma Chapman (Parent Rep)
Rebekah Frear (Parent Rep)
Sally Forrest (Parent Rep)
Karen Gunton (Parent Rep)
Diana Karakitsios (Parent Rep)
Rebecca Laurenson (Parent Rep)
Carlien Lavers (Parent Rep)
Michelle Musson (Parent Rep)
Mark Ragless (Parent Rep)
Vikki Wheeler (Parent Rep)
Ruth Williams (Parent Rep)
Kathryn Young (Parent Rep)
Jess Musson (SRC School President)
Owen Gregory (SRC School President)